I  love exploring many mediums such as digital drawing, Korean traditional painting, painting on fabric in my works. 

The super moment-day of the dead,2019
Our top (you & me),2019, digital drawing
the death, 2019, digital drawing
Diversity,2017,digital drawing
Woman rights,2018, digital drawing
Rumour, 2017, drawing on fabric
The Last Rumour, 2017, print on fabric
The portrait of Rumour2, painting
The portrait of Rumour,2017,painting
The sea of rumour, 2017, Painting
Rumour chains, 2017, painting
Promise, 2018, digital drawing
Soulmaate ,2018, digital drawing
Lov eis love, 2018, digital drawing
Hug,2018, digital drawing
Kiss, 2018, digital drawing
Happiness, 2018, digital drawing
Me, 2016, pen drawing
You hurt me, 2016, pen drawing
Rumour, 2016, pen drawing
My masks, 2016, pen drawing
Cry me, 2016, pen drawing
Vomit my imagination, 2016, pen drawing
Half of me, 2016, pen drawing
Lonely, 2016, pen drawing